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Hello and Welcome to my Cdr Trade Page.


Although the Banner above says it is a Sales Page

it is NOT, I will not sell any bootlegs!







Click here to read my rules and if we trade please adhere to them.

: If you do not question the rules, I presume you have agreed to them. IMPORTANT

I Have had a lot of problems recently receiving discs that are inferior to those that I send out.


Note: I do not trade many cds now. I will only trade for my wants or something that interests me. I expect excellent quality stuff, unless it is an interest item, therefore dont ask me to trade for average quality concerts


The Pages:


My Grading System - See how I grade shows

My Want List

Queen & Related - Solo, Covers, Rare Tracks

Black Crowes & Related - Solo, Rare Tracks

Other Artists.A - F

Other Artists G - O

Other Artists P - V

I also have VCD's by Queen, Black Crowes, Elvis, some TV shows and Movies. Email me and I will send you a list.




If you have any questions or want to propose a trade email me by clicking the button underneath. Or check my references by clicking the references Button.

Note: The company I used to have My Guestbook with closed down, so I have had to open a new One. The Old one can still be seen here.